Friday, February 28, 2014

Garden Cake Pedestals

Recently I found three perfectly good stove burner covers that are just perfect for gardeners. I think they were 25 cents each. Just my price range, hehe! These are even signed by artist Sandi Gore Evans.

Then I glued on a lovely (10 cent) candlestick using E6000 glue.

And although my lighting is horrible, here is a charming cake/cupcake plate.

Here is a taller model. Same top, but different stand.

Great candlestick holder (50 cents) sets it up high. May be a little high and risky for a cake, but cookies would work.

Here is the smaller and squattier version. I used a short white votive candle holder as pedestal.

Fun project, and they will be for sale at our Beauregard Master Gardeners Garden Festival tomorrow (March 1, 2014) along with some garden aprons made from recycled jeans.

What an easy, peasy project. No sewing, only cutting with good shears!

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