Sunday, February 23, 2014

At Vintageous Begins

I know that I do not need another blog. But I really like this blog name.

I recently read somewhere that anything from the early 1980's is vintage. 30 years old is not old!! Over 50 years old is old to me. And 100 years is antique.

This blog will be about Vintage, so I suppose I will use the late 1970's/early 1980's as a starting point and go backwards. In other words, we will be At Vintageous.

Looking for old things has become contageous. But I do like to share what I find. And this blog will be a place to do this. I will keep my Wetcreek Museum blogpost, but that will be for items I plan to keep and that "have a story." 

 At Vintageous will be a place to share my found objects.

(Price was 10 cents at the Catholic Thrift Shop. Not quite 4 inches wide. Looks like a tea bag saucer. I love cardinals!)


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    1. Thanks, Van. I have the best time shopping for really cheap vintage treasures. How did you find me? Linda