Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bits of Vintageous Crafting

Can you identify the parts to this candle holder?

Lovely old plate that was once part of a tier serving dish. Then a cut glass dessert dish. Next a brass candlestick in the shape of a flower. Above that, an etched globe with a mini-mini clay flowerpot with a candle.

And the base is (I think) a glass light fixture.

Love those little battery operated candles!

Nothing cost more than 25 cents each.
TaDa! Total expense=$2.00. That includes a squirt or two of E6000 glue!

Perfect Vintageous decoration (or bird feeder) for any outdoor table.


  1. I LIKE it! I'm always a little reluctant to use E6000 here at Gatescroft. It seems so permanent somehow.
    I'm always on the search for cardinal-related items. Have a friend who collects them so I use them in place of greeting cards for her...I like your tea-bag holder. Very sweet.

    1. Oh, you found my new blog! My hub thinks I am crazy to begin another one, but I do want to show my thrifty, crafty tries. And they don't quite fit in my Wetcreek Museum. Thanks for your sweet comment. Have a great weekend. Linda