Friday, March 21, 2014

"Vintage" Verses "Made in Living Memory"

I still have trouble distinquishing "vintage" from "antique." But yesterday on BBC's television program "Flog It" I heard a great way to define old stuff--made in living memory.

From now on in this blog I will use MILM (made in living memory) to identify my vintage finds. I will also probably expand the living memory part to my mom's memory back to the late 1920's. 

As we are presently at the Beltway Apartment in The Netherlands, here is a chair that was left behind when my sister-in-law and her hub moved out last summer. The wooden part was almost white from wear and tear. According to my SIL, it had been in her family for almost 40 years. 

I polished it up to be a brown piece, but I left the "bandage" on the right arm post.

Free is good! How cute is this chair? Even with the bandaged arm!


  1. I love the phrase! Thanks for the introduction to it, haven't heard it before.

  2. I love the phrase too - but I love that chair even more - how pretty!

  3. Free IS good! What a great chair :)