Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Made in Holland? Not Really!

The moment I read "Made in Holland," I know I am dealing with souvenirs. 

We still bring Dutch Treats to our American friends and family. As I never kept track of who received what, I am sure I have repeated some blue/white cuties in the 35 years since I first made those trips over the "puddle."

On Saturday we visited one of our favorite Dutch second hand shops "Het Goed." As we still need a couple of pieces of furniture in our newly remodeled Beltway apartment, we first checked out the furniture. My hub was on a roll, and he found two good rotan chairs that we can use as "extra" living room chairs. At 10 Euros each, I can whip up some new filling for the ecru pillows. And they cleaned up nicely!

Then he found these two petite cornflower pans from Corning that were popular in the 1960's.

For 75 Euro cents, who could leave these cornflowers behind.

Then he found these:
All are perfect to take back to the US as souvenirs.

In search of Pyrex ( preferably European), I found the following:

Top left is an old, light blue Flameware saucepan 832-B (Made in U.S.A.) from the 1940's. 
Top right is a Sovirel France bowl probably made in living memory (vintage).
And I found a cup and saucer like a breakfast set we received as a wedding gift (Eschenbach Bavaria-Germany) in 1980.

Nothing on this table costed more than 1.50 Euros each. In fact, the cup and saucer were 75 Euro cents!


  1. Love your finds, Linda. I have one of those pale blue Flameware in a loaf pan. And, I used to have several pieces of that Corningware with the cornflower pattern. My brother was an engineer for Corning in Corning, NY. LOVE your souvenirs xo Diana.

  2. What great treasures you found. My favorite are the Dutch shoes. Have a wonderful week. Happy hunting. Blessings, Martha

  3. Great finds...I like the glass saucepan.

  4. Awesome finds!!! I hope you brought empty suitcases!!!...:)JP

  5. What great finds. I particularly love the Sovirel France bowl x

  6. Jij hebt al snel leuke spulletjes gevonden.
    Fijn weekend,